I have been trying to make these beautiful swirls that I see in artists like Sena Runa and Yulia for awhile now. I couldn't get a tight center and nice layers of spirals.

Silly me, I sell Premium paper that many of these artists use, the Canson Mi-Teintes. So tonight I decided I was going to try these swirls with the Canson strips. I had always played around with the thinner, lighter, Little Circles "Culture Pop" line and Quilled Creations. I had never thought to play with the "nice stuff."

I tried once by softening the paper (it's 160gsm) and put it at the end of my pointer tool. I licked my fingers to get a little grip and rolled. It rolled right around! (I heard in a tutorial the tip about licking your fingers).

Below is my very first attempt with green and my second attempt with blue. I think I figured out the secret!! It's the paper!!

photos: green swirl was first attempt, blue swirl was my 2nd attempt 

Canson Mi-Teintes quilling strips:

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