Full Stock of Local Quilling Supplies

I’m so happy to share that you can now purchase a wide variety of all quilling supplies locally.  You can now get your supplies locally without paying a large markup and shipping!  Because of my relationship with manufactures, I have a full stock of all tools, kits and paper from Quilled Creations, Juya and others.  I do not ship these products.  These are for the convenience of local customers only looking for quilling supplies. 

My studio is closed to the public but I will meet you at a safe, monitored location in Midland, MI.  If you need anything please email me at Lisa@ThePaperQuillingShop.com with a description of your needs. 

Some supplies available now: Paper in sizes 1mm-10mm, cardstock strips, quilling boards, combs, tweezers, fine-tip glue bottles, glue, husking boards, border buddies, etc.