Premium Canson Prices

Premium Canson Prices

I wanted to share with you a little about the Canson Mi-Teintes Premium Quilling Strips and their pricing.  We must remember, anyone can put the name "Premium" on any strips.  But, what is "Premium?"  To me, "Premium" means that it above the quality of other paper strips on the market.   The GSM is high, the cotton fiber count is very high and the paper should most certainly be strong enough to stand on-edge.  Canson Mi-Teintes is 160gsm and 50% cotton.  It most certainly can stand on-edge strong as well as coil into traditional quilling shapes.

When people see the prices, they may seem pricey and this is why:

I can buy sheets of paper to cut into strips for about $0.40 a sheet.  But, you get what you pay for.  The Canson Mi-Teintes sheets sell from $2.19-$2.69 wholesale for each sheet.  I pay a membership fee to have access to these prices.  (On Amazon, you will pay $2.70-$3.30 for a sheet yourself in sets of 10 SET colors.)  I pay shipping and tax to get the paper to me.  I buy poly bags for packaging and I make my own tags from cardstock and printer.   (I'd love beautiful tags but I don't think my customers necessarily care to pay extra.)

I cut each sheet manually into 2 smaller sheets that can be cut into strips on my Cricut Maker 3.  From each mat, I can cut 10-13 runs of strips.  A run of strips makes only 1.5 packages of 1/4" strips or 3 packages of 1/8" strips.

When I add up the expenses, I make under $1 a package.  The labor involved in cutting, making labels, counting strips, packaging and then preparing orders is about 25 to 30 minutes per package!  

As you can see, the price point is actually wonderful.  It is LESS then what you would pay purchasing your own sheets and cutting them yourself.   I also pay shipping on orders over $50.  We must remember we get what we pay for.  If we want inexpensive paper for classes or certain projects, there is plenty available.  If you want a TRUE, Premium paper, for special projects, this is an outstanding price.  

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