What and Why do I want Canson Mi-Teintes Paper Quilling Strips?

What and Why do I want Canson Mi-Teintes Paper Quilling Strips?

I first found out about Canson Mi-Teintes watching a beginner tutuorial by Cecilia Louie (Paper Zen).  She noted it as one of "the best" papers to quill with.  I searched for these Canson Mi-Teintes paper quilling strips and couldn't find them anywhere.  I forgot about them over time and then in about a week's time of watching tutorials and reading, these Canson Mi-Teintes strips came up again.  Yulia noted that this was a paper she preferred and a couple other pros had mentioned it.

I again looked for this strips and couldn't find them anywhere.  I did find where I could buy them in sheets of 8.5" x 11" or in sheets of 11" x 25" online.  They were expensive but I really wanted to see what all the rage was about.  I ordered a package of 10 sheets from Amazon for $27.00! I cut them on my Cricut Explore and waited the 25 minutes it took for the strips to finish cutting. 

These strips felt like no other.  I was a fan of Little Circle's strips because they seemed a little thicker and possibly a higher quality but these were way better then those!  At 160gsm, they were heavy enough to stand beautifully on-edge and when I coiled it, it expanded a little into a loose coil with beautiful evenly spaced coils.  The strips felt like silk and I found out they were made with 50% cotton.  I was afraid that the 160gsm would act more like a cardstock but with 50% cotton, they were nothing like cardstock. 

My business, The Paper Quilling Shop, is a niche store with products not available in the US through any other quilling stores.  I felt like the Canson Mi-Teintes were a perfect fit.  I found that normal quilling paper sheets can range from $0.25 - $0.40 a sheet.  At the lowest price available of $2.25 - $3.00 a sheet, these are definitely a "Ultra Premium" strip. 

I was contacted by Ann Martin from All Things Paper about my Canson strips and I was thrilled to share with her what I had learned about the paper and how I package them by hand for sale.  She also learned more about the store and the 1mm paper I carry.  I was so excited when she decided to write an article about my shop and include it in her newsletter.  I'm hoping more people learn about these gorgeous strips and try them out.

One thing that is wonderful about these strips is the ability to both use them on-edge as well as in traditionally shaped quilling pieces.  If you are creating a piece of art and want the edges and the fills to be of the same material, these are your go-to!  Please try them out and share your experiences with others.  These are a great gift for the Quiller who has everything!  They come in packs of 50.  I cut them typically in 1/8" (3mm) and 1/4" (6mm) but I am happy to cut them to order if you are working on a special project or need a custom sized strip.  Just contact me with a click below or email me at Lisa@ThePaperQuillingShop.com 

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