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Tiny, Delicate Slotted Paper Quilling Tool. Perfect for 1mm (1 mm) Quilling Coils that leaves no center hole.

Tiny, Delicate Slotted Paper Quilling Tool. Perfect for 1mm (1 mm) Quilling Coils that leaves no center hole.

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This is a very tiny slotted quilling tool that comes in pink and blue.  They are intended for use on very thin papers and are extremely delicate.  They leave no center hole!  The slot is 0.8mm wide, a little smaller then the 1mm paper!  It holds the delicate paper nicely and makes beautiful coils for delicate flower petals or other shapes. 

**This tool will break under tension or misuse.  You may want to purchase a couple tools to have a back-up.  The tools come with a protective cap for when they are not in use.  There are no returns on this item as they will eventually break.  I can use a tool for months with my 1mm paper strips.  If they are used on thicker, wider papers, the thin metal prongs will bend and with too much bending or stress, they will break.  I inspect every tool prior to shipping and they are wrapped well for shipping.

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Customer Reviews

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Branddi Mendoza
Tiny Hole

I love the tiny topped tool, makes the hole in the center of quilling almost non existent. I only wish it was a bit less fragile as I have a tight grip when twisting so I end up squishing the top of the tool and have to use my finger nail to pry open the paper opening upon next use - therefore bending it and potentially breaking the prong.

Helen Whiting
1mm papers' quilling tool

This tool makes all the difference in the world. Love it

Denise Huffstickler
Tiny, Delicate Slotted Paper Quilling Tool.

This is the perfect tool for delicate 1mm flowers

Barb Lehman

I tried this tool with 3 km strips as I was finishing a card I had started. I was very careful mostly because of the paper I was using, but I like the look of the coils using it. I am now ready to try it with 1mm strips, anxious to see those results. Would definitely recommend giving this tool a try, you might really like it & the results you will see.