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Beginning 1mm Quilling KIT (Includes 2 tools, 1900 1mm strips and a guide)

Beginning 1mm Quilling KIT (Includes 2 tools, 1900 1mm strips and a guide)

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New to 1mm Quilling?  This kit is for you.  It includes 10 packages of 1mm paper quilling strips in mixed color packs, 2 tools perfect for 1mm coils and a 3 page guide to help begin 1mm strip quilling.  (This guide includes 7 YouTube channels that include great tutorials for 1mm quilling!)  The strips you will receive are 10 packages of mixed colors.  9 of the packages have 5 shades of the colors pinks, reds, yellows, greens, blues, purples, browns, greys and rainbow.  One package has 4 shades of neon in pink, orange, yellow and green.

All paper is stored in a humidity controlled room for best paper conditions.

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Customer Reviews

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Denise Huffstickler
1mm quilling class

I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa's Zoom class. I have quilled for years, but never with 1mm strips. It took me a few tries to make the dainty petals for our rose project, but I finally got it! Loved it so much that I ordered more 1mm strips and a few more tools. Can't wait to make more roses and watch the sites Lisa recommended for other 1mm projects. Lisa was extremely patient and was an excellent instructor.

Jennifer Bodoh
Love new quilling supplies!

Got new 1mm strips, tools, and a guide. I love quilling with 1mm strips, but don’t do it often because they’re so fiddly to use. Having the guide with better tips will up my game considerably!

Sandra Campbell

There's a learning curve to be sure, but I love the delicacy achieved with the 1mm papers. I'm still a beginner but I am enjoying the journey.